This Blog focuses mostly on new legal developments: bills in the legislature and recent case law decisions with potentially wide-ranging impact. It’s analysis for anyone who finds the law to be interesting, frustrating, or somewhere in between. An optimist looks at a glass as half full; a pessimist looks at a glass as half empty. A lawyer looks at a glass and thinks he’ll sue the manufacturer who negligently engineered the glass to hold an inadequate amount of water. But why does he think that?

I cannot play an instrument or hold a tune. But I like music. If some musician (or anybody who’s not a lawyer) can better appreciate how law shapes our world thanks to this blog, then I will have returned the favor.

NOTICE: I’m not your lawyer. This blog doesn’t make me your lawyer. Or your counselor, your advisor, tour guide or sherpa. It certainly doesn’t make you my client. Nothing in this blog constitutes legal advice. Or advice of any kind, really. Nor will you find any stories about teenage vampires, or recipes for vegan food, or anything useful, trendy, or likely to make or save you money.


Andy Perkins has practiced law in Rochester, Indiana since 2001. He concentrates in the areas of municipal law; appellate law; general civil and real estate litigation; and probate and estate planning. You can reach his office at www.peterson-waggoner.com

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