Familiarity Breeds Contempt

Of all the reasons not to run for public office, your child campaigning against you is the most convincing.  A lawyer running for judge in Oklahoma is having that problem.  Check out this ad and the aptly-named website http://donotvoteformydad.com/  The site was created by his daughter, who says — surprise — she never had a very good relationship with him. 

I wonder if the Supreme Court’s recent reshaping of campaign finance reform affects good old fashioned family spite.


Author: T. Andrew Perkins

I have practiced law in Rochester since 2001. My practice is varied: appellate law; general civil litigation; real estate; family law; and probate and estate planning. I am an active member in the Peru Grace Brethren Church. I have also served on the boards of various community organizations, including: Fulton County Community Foundation, Fulton County Leadership Academy, Fulton County United Way, Rochester Kiwanis Club, Fulton County Council on Aging, and the Fulton County Chamber of Commerce. You can reach my office from the Links page.

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